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Best 7 applications and games for pregnant women

These useful and colorful applications are a must-have for expectant mothers. A lot of helpful information, communication and entertainment will brighten up the expectation of the baby. The most useful mobile applications for pregnant women (for Android and iOs). Download – will not regret it!


Written by American developers and doctors, this application is one of the most informative and detailed. Personalized sections, doctors’ advice, pregnancy calendar, to-do list and purchases, weight monitor, pusher count and fights, integration with Facebook. Yes, and one more difference Sprout – images of a growing baby, made in a stunning 3D-graphics.


The main thing that you can do in this application is to communicate. Get online consultations of doctors, find potential pregnant girlfriends in your area and around the world, discuss, empathize, sympathize, enlist support, find answers to all emerging issues, buy, sell, take and give away for nothing things for moms and toddlers.

Baby Connect

This application will help you keep track of the mood, temperature and even the game that your child is currently engaged in. Another plus – you can set reminders that will warn you about the time of feeding and be going to bed. The application can also be accessed from a computer – it’s very convenient if you stay at home or want to make a lot of data in the form.

Baby Beat

This application is less functional than others, but it will allow the future mother to get very personal emotions. Now you can listen and even record the child’s heartbeat without a visit to the doctor. Just download the Baby Beat app and attach the phone without a cover to your stomach. But according to the reviews of moms, the application will not need you before the fifteenth week and use it better in absolute silence.

Baby Pics

Application for the soul and aesthetics. 450 stunning illustrations will color your “pregnant” days, and the following, children’s pictures, cute inscriptions with terms and dates will remind you on what condition your tummy began to grow and when the baby first pushed his foot. There is no semantic load for this application, but beautiful pictures for you and family will be fantastic.

Mermaid Pregnancy Check Up

You will have to take care of the pregnant mermaid first, you can make her drink some fresh juice, give her a tablet and a thorough health care checkup. Once you have selected the mommy, you can check her heart beat using a stethoscope. If she is healthy and ready to deliver the baby, you can apply cream on the mommy’s tummy and you can scan the baby. and many more treatment.

Mermaid Pregnancy Check Up review

Pregnant Mommy’s Surgery

Please help the doctor prepare the surgery. Firstly give her the anaesthetic and then turn on the breathing machine. When the preparation is done, please help the doctor finish the surgery.

The baby is born. But there are lots of work that need to be finished. Please complete the treatment for both the mommy and the baby. Pregnant Mommy’s Surgery review

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