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How To Conceive A Girl – Tips To Conceive A Baby Girl

Wanting a baby girl: obviously, in the name of genetics and its chances, there is no certain method to “decide” the sex of the unborn child in advance.

On the contrary, there are numerous beliefs and some discoveries in the scientific field which could favour one type of spermatozoon over another, as well as strategies for modifying the “environment” in which the spermatozoa arrive. Let’s see them together, remembering, however, that there is no certainty about this.

The spermatozoa

Not all sperm are the same. In fact, the sex of the unborn child depends precisely on the type of sperm that fertilizes the egg. The spermatozoon X generates females while the spermatozoon Y generates males. Having said that, it is clearly impossible to select the spermatozoa and, therefore, the only thing you can try to do is to do with the vaginal environment and how much it can be, or not, welcoming for one type of spermatozoon instead of another.

The two types of sperm differ substantially in size and speed: spermatozoon X is larger and slower, while spermatozoon Y is smaller and moves faster.

Conceive a Girl
Conceive a Girl

Conceive shortly before ovulation

One of the possible strategies for conceiving a female daughter could be to plan conception (as far as possible) two or three days before ovulation.

In fact, if we want the egg to be more likely to be fertilized by spermatozoon X, which is slower but more resistant to the vaginal environment, we will have to have ratios just before the ovulatory peak. This will disadvantage Y sperm (faster but also much less resistant).
Positions and lubricants

Among the different beliefs about the positions which would favour the conception of a male or a female, we find also some “legends” of plausible truthfulness. In fact, the position of the missionary would be one of the best to facilitate fertilization by the spermatozoon of type X which, in this way, would stay more in the vagina.

On the other hand, vaginal lubricants should be avoided, since their chemical formulation alters the acidity of the vaginal environment and makes the stay of X-type sperm less favourable.

Other popular beliefs (or legends)

Throughout history, many legends and popular beliefs have been created about effective methods of conceiving female daughters. For example, one of these beliefs concerns diet and would also have some scientific value.

In fact, it seems that following a vegetarian diet, very poor in meat and rich in vegetables and calcium, can help the conception of a female. Always for a matter of acidity more or less marked of the vaginal environment.

This type of popular “picture” also includes the observation of the moon: with the full moon, not only births would be frequent, but also the conception of daughters.

10 methods of conceiving a baby girl

  1. Eating vegetarian. The vegetarian diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables seems to be very conducive to the conception of a female daughter. These foods are able to maintain the vaginal pH. In addition, a low-salt, hyposodic diet is very useful for the conception of a child. It is said that the mother’s predilection for sweet flavours favours the birth of a female.
  2. Avoiding the intake of bananas: this fruit is said to contribute to altering the vaginal acidity and therefore to encourage the conception of male children.
  3. Planning for conception: have relationships two or three days before ovulation, when the X (female) spermatozoa are slower and more resistant and in this way are more likely to be still viable when the egg is released, than the Y (male) spermatozoa which are usually faster and more resistant.
  4. Avoid lubricants: these substances alter the vaginal acidity.
  5. Choose the frontal position: when you have a relationship this position known as “missionary” position allows the X spermatozoa to stay longer in the vagina and in this way increase their chances of reaching the egg to fertilise it. The X spermatozoa are larger and move more slowly than the Y spermatozoa, which are more resistant to the vaginal environment.
  6. Try not to drop the sperm in depth: if the penetration is shallow, the chances for the spermatozoa X to reach the egg increase. Deep penetration favours Y-sperm, which is faster as it travels along a shorter stretch to reach the egg and avoids the initial stretch of the vagina, which is particularly acidic.
  7. Controlling the moon: having relationships when there is a full moon increases the chances of conceiving a female daughter. In general:
    – Full moon: female
    – New Moon: male
    – Crescent Moon (hump to the west: you go towards the full moon) : female
    – Waning Moon (hump to the east: going towards the new moon) : male
  8. Consult the Chinese calendar:
    Cross the month of conception with your age and scroll through the days when the calculator predicts there is a greater chance of having a female daughter and on those days establish that you have sex
  9. Count the R’s: count the letters R of the name of the months from the first month of missed cycle. If the total is even then it will be a female. If you odd, it will be a beautiful boy.
  10. Consult the Mayan calendar: if the age of the mother and the year of conception of the child are both even it will be a female if one even and one odd or both odd will be a male.


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