The 3 Best Blogs for Early Pregnant Women You Need to Know in 2020

Moms blog for pregnant newbies that you cannot miss if you are going to be a mom.

Do you remember how it felt when you found out you were pregnant? I’m sure a whirlwind of emotions ran through your body, a perfect cocktail of joy, excitement and, perhaps, a feeling you hadn’t anticipated: fear.

The truth is that motherhood gives fear another character, doesn’t it? All of a sudden we get all the fears in the world and we bombard our minds with a lot of doubts. Am I really prepared to face this new adventure? Will I know how to take care of my baby as he deserves? Will everything be fine during the pregnancy? Is it normal that I feel or not?

Luckily, since the arrival of the Internet we have a powerful channel to quench our thirst for information. We first-time pregnant women tend to become devourers of history, anecdotes and advice related to motherhood.

Seeing ourselves reflected in the stories of other mothers comforts us, helps us and provides us with valuable knowledge. For this reason, pregnancy and maternity blogs have become one of the most visited resources for moms-to-be.

If you’re going to be a mom in 2020 or have just become one, take a look at this list of 19 of the best maternity blogs for first-time moms.

In them you will find opinions and experiences from other pregnant mothers, new mothers or mothers who have already accumulated the experience of parenting and who can be very useful in this new and exciting stage of your life.

Let’s get started!


Laura is an all-rounder mom who decided to share her experience with infertility and the complicated search for pregnancy through her digital home. Through this channel she helps to raise awareness of this difficult situation among other parents and help them through their adventure.

Thanks to an assisted reproduction treatment she became Bichito’s happy mother and in 2018, life rewarded her with beautiful twins. Yes, that’s how capricious nature is.

With a casual, close and very natural style, Laura tells you about her experience with infertility, the experience of her pregnancies and how she faces the upbringing of her three little ones. Without a doubt, very recommendable.


Here is another mom from a large family, Carmen, who defines herself as “a journalist by vocation, a mother by devotion and a blogger by fun. In 2013 she decided to start this blog in which she shares her learning and experiences with great sincerity and closeness to help other moms and dads to walk through this adventure.

A blog for first-time pregnant women that you can’t miss. If you like her style, you can also take a look at her book Mama sin dramas, in which she reveals how not to despair when you have to face the tasks of motherhood.


Disfruti is the blog of Lydia and her beautiful family composed by her partner and three little ones. In her blog, one of the most active on the Internet, she spontaneously and freshly shares interesting topics such as her family experiences, her experiences throughout her three pregnancies or the upbringing of her children. In addition, you can also find travel and leisure plans with very cool kids to get ideas from.

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