The child already eats alone

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Ares’ food.
Now I remembered that I have not even told you that soon after writing my last post on breastfeeding, it was precisely when I decided to leave it aside. Exactly, a total of 9 months and two considerable bites were the determinants to decide that the time for weaning had arrived.

And that’s how overnight I stopped giving him the only shot that he kept taking since the 5 months that Ares had exclusive LM.
There were no cries, no traumas, no strange behavior on either side And although today I missed him on some remote occasion, we are both very happy with the decision.

As I told you in the different phases that we live, first with the cereals, then with the fruit, then with the meat and the vegetables … the dreaded moment came to begin to give him the pieces without crushing. I remember that I started with cookies and while I gave them, I didn’t take my eyes off a second, I was on the prowl of having to throw myself to rescue a piece if Ares made the slightest choking gesture. My heart was beating at a hundred an hour to think about how bad a mother I was being if it caused the choking of the child or if I would be able to act in case it was blocked.

I had to read the controversial book of “The child already eats alone ” (which explains in detail the Baby Led Weaning technique ) to get me to the idea that it was something “normal” and that babies are perfectly trained to chew even when not They have teeth and barely teeth. I understood the difference between nausea that a baby is caused by certain foods just before being swallowed due to the inability to manage the amount and the blockage that can cause choking. Indeed, they are not the same (that was a relief because at first Ares was very nauseous and I thought he had a piece of cookie left). What a bad time!

And in a matter of weeks, I started giving him pasta, rice, pieces of meat, fruit, vegetables, fish … It was giving him pieces and suddenly he began to reject the spoon. A process that I thought would last months changed in less than 15 days.

And that’s how we go to ask for high chairs when we go out to eat outside the house…

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